Detail pages will not show HTML formatting on your listing information


In order to provide security for our customers as well as versatility to list products on non-HTML devices, after June 8,2021, we will stop supporting the use of HTML tags on detail pages. We discourage any use of HTML content on detail pages as outlined on Product detail page rules.

If an HTML tag is used in any line of a product description, the line will be removed or shown without HTML formatting, depending on the usage of the tag after June 8,2021.

We encourage you to update product description of any ASIN that contains HTML tags, ahead of this change, through Seller Central or your usual channel for updating details of an ASIN.

For more information, see Product detail page rules.


As per the Product detail page rules line-break tags ( </br> )are allowed within the description on product detail pages.
Does this announcement also affect these? As there’s no other way (within the rules) to add a linebreak/newline to a product description. So an extraordinary number of listings will contain them…

I’m also worried that it’s not clear what determines whether or not lines will be removed or just shown without formatting.


as far as i can see all html are not going to be supported


I personally don’t understand what amazon’s problem is with HTML tags surely a better looking listing is beneficial for all parties including Amazon. I hope something is put in place to allow the use of bold text and line breaks as a few HTML tags can make a huge difference to a listing without them I find listings can look dull and can be harder to read


Some style guides, for example this one, recommend the use of paragraph tags ( <p> ): “Use <p> to insert a paragraph break”, page 4. Will these no longer be supported and the guides updated?

Also, from a user experience and accessibility perspective, a block of text isn’t at all optimal. Will Amazon provide a better solution to replace these HTML tags?


Will this also include the ridiculous emojis that are appearing all over amazon listings


We’ve used HTML formatting in all our product descriptions. How we amend them though is the question. Will saving the HTML version in Word format work?
It’s going to be a lot of work to amend them all but it seems there’s no alternative.


We need clarity on line breaks please. P and/or BR. Otherwise there is currently no way of editing the product descriptions to include line breaks - this is vital for clear and readable item descriptions.


Oh FFS. Another blooming pain in the a#se unclear announcement from Amazon. Here we go again. Really looking forward to changing nearly 3000 listings! Possibly! Who knows!


HTML has been against Amazon’s policies for around 3-4 years now, only a very limited number of tags were allowed (“P”, “BR”, “details” and I think “a” tags were allowed but only linking to Amazon pages), lots of people used tags for text formatting, size, bold, italics, underlines, etc. these have been against Amazon’s policies for at least 4 years that I know of.

Copy the text from the Amazon store page, paste it into the edit page is prolly the fastest way, the problem is that most of the time Amazon aren’t going to accept the edit…

The big issue here is which tags are going to result in entire lines of text being hidden and which are just going to be stripped out automatically. Depending on the answer we might not need to edit any listings at all. Or it could turn out that every listing with a BR tag is going to be screwed…


I attended an Amazon Webinar late last year where they recommended the use of HTML. We were told to put bullet points and bold text in to make them easier to read. I went through and changed all of my listings, and it wasn’t a fast task, and a few months later I now have to go back and change them all back.


Wow… both of those have been against Amazon policies for years…


I’m beginning to really really hate selling on Amazon.


It was pointed out that they were not supported which just meant we wouldn’t get help. They are also all over Amazon and will probably continue to be so after June 8.


When it comes to IT “not supported” usually means “will not work” or “cannot be used”.
After June 8th Amazon’s product pages will stop parsing HTML tags, this means they will either not be acknowledged or potentially large chunks of descriptions containing them will be hidden.

You’ll also find the Product detail page rules say:

Do not use HTML, DHTML, JavaScript or other types of code in your product detail pages. As a special case, you can use line breaks (</br>) as necessary in the description.

That has been written on that page for at least 1-2 years, before that it was written in most (if not all) of the “specific category style guides” instead.


I know what it says which was why I had non in my listings but if Amazon keep inviting us to webinars to try to improve things then why are we told to use things that are against their own policies? I spent time adding HTML after that.


Amazon enjoys moving goalposts.

And no mention of Handmade, which has a completely different template that doesn’t include bullet points. So the first thing customers will see is one big lump of unformatted text. That’s going to make things better? There is mention of a Handmade Style Guide in the ether, but I cannot find it anywhere.


Could one of the moderators ( @Jessica ?) please come on and clarify precisely what we are supposed to do, going forward. Before this becomes akin to the VTR rollout, some clarity would be welcome before people commit to spending days or even weeks making changes to their details on thousands of listings.

On it says you can use < / br > for line breaks (my own spaces put here in so it will render here).

Yet on another guide it says you can only use < p >

As others have said, they were told by Amazon, fairly recently -

In Handmade, you only have one details field. How are we to make the information legible and easily readable by customers if we can’t use ANY html? I vaguely remember there was an announcement about Amazon adding bullet point fields to Handmade, but nothing was done AFAICS.

And please clarify, if in the example shown above, will JUST the html be removed (and if so, all of it, or only everything other than BR and P) OR will everything BETWEEN the opening html tag AND the closing html tag be removed?

Would it not make sense to have a simplified version of the formatting tools on here for any text description box, or at very least, if you type a line break (as in here), it stays as a line break once displayed?



That would be the logical way to do it… a bit too logical for Amazon


Oh no… here we go again.

Your announcement states you will stop supporting the use of HTML tags and then point to a product details page rules that states as special case the line break tag can be used. But does that refer to the use of this tag BEFORE June 8, or including AFTER June 8?

Please Amazon, confirm. After June 8, can we still use the line break tag, yes or no?