Is anyone else having problems with listing items for sale since the new listing page?


Well, I heard back from SS and I don’t understand a word of what they said!

"We understand your concern is that you are unable to successfully list the SKUs in your Inventory.

We have reviewed the SKUs provided by you and see that they failed to list in your Inventory as the product ID provided for the listings were invalid.

Please know that as per the new update you will not be able to list the ASINs with product ID as ASINs, the listing must have a valid product ID provided during adding the product to created successfully.

I kindly request you to please list the ASINs with a valid product ID to fix the issue."

I have no idea what they are talking about!! I had a chat with someone from SS who said that the ISBN is the product ID. Of course, I was listing the books according to the ISBN, and the page is Amazon’s, not mine. After I briefly explained the whole thing again she then suggested I clear my cache and cookies. I felt she had zero grasp of the issue and so gave up and emailed SS back.

For goodness sake… I thought I was getting somewhere yesterday.




Yeah, that was my face! Thanks, Jilly. Fighting to maintain the will to live…


Not an update on the issue, but I have just figured out how to list books using an upload file and can report that it works for books that are affected by this glitch. Stuff that has not been appearing in inventory when listing manually does appear successfully when uploaded via a file. I know uploading files isn’t for everyone- I’ve avoided it long enough myself- but it may be a useful work-around to get stock on the site while Amazon sorts itself out (or doesn’t- that remains to be seen!)


Actually, sorry guys, some books are still not adding even via upload. I am getting error messages for some, saying the ASIN does not exist in Amazon’s catalogue, even though it’s right there! Surely people who use upload files routinely must be getting these messages as well, unless this issue is specific to some sellers. Wondering is Amazon has a problem with us, rather than the stuff we are trying to list…?


I have tried adding a book 3 times now and it just not showing up. I have a feeling it will suddenly appear in a weeks time.

I also put through a refund and sent a message to a customer on Friday and so far the refund is just stuck on pending and no response from the customer (I fear the message isn’t getting through to him)


Having same issue, started Thursday, using ScanLister but also same books don’t work using manually adding on amazon’s own site. Got two people listing full time, worried their work is being wasted currently. We’re going to have to take apart shipments of 1000s of books we build to find the books that aren’t listed by scanning each into manage inventory, wasting so much time on a what is now low margin business model because the IPI changes mean we have to ship in books with no profit that are fast selling just so we can keep unlimited storage.

Amazon have thrown more stress at us in last couple of months than ever before - two IPI changes for FBA sellers, increases fees and now the system to add listings isn’t even working. So hard to build a business with so much changing so fast.


Same issues for me as well.


I first noticed an issue with this on Wednesday evening, is it still ongoing?


Yep no fix in our open cases yet…pending Amazon Action…


I just got another utterly unbelievable response from Seller Support. After days of chats and messages back and forth about this issue, supplying endless information and evidence to show them that newly created listings are not appearing in inventory, this is what they come back with:

"We were unable to find a listing for the Product ID: 0674992008 and 0415742587. Please create a new listing by adding a product into your inventory.

To add a product to your inventory, use the following link:

Please let us know how we did."

Case closed.

I had to ask my partner to hold me back, I was that ready to punch the screen!
I have reopened the case, though they have removed the option to chat or call, I can only respond via email, so my message has probably been redirected to the legendary Black Hole where they send emails they don’t want to answer.

Am beginning to feel they are being deliberately obstructive because their lack of interest and failure to grasp the issue is appalling even by Amazon’s standards. I read recently that whilst to our faces Amazon laughably refers to us as ‘selling partners’, apparently within the company they refer to us as ‘internal competition’. Says it all really. Maybe they are just quietly trying to stop some of the competition selling certain books…?


Sorry, been away for a few days hence not updating this topic…

Like cara I had a response back from Amazon Seller Support which didn’t address or acknowledge the adding a product issue. I was simply sent some instructions on how to add a product. I’ve been selling on Amazon for over 10yrs, so I think I know how to add a product!

I’m not sure what the best way forward is now. It seems pretty pointless adding new stock on here whilst the system isn’t taking it.


It seems the problem is still ongoing. I listed approx 7or8 books a few hours ago and 3 not showing. Amazon say there isn’t any issues. My head is hurting from banging it repeatedly against the wall.


We listed a new product last week in office stationary and it took so long for it to appear, I put it down to checks with GS1 but now think that I thought wrong after reading your post.


Still getting the problem here too, keep reuploading from ScanLister but same books have error each time. Can’t see any common factor to the books either - thought originally it might be those that have Kindle editions but its actually a mix. Please can someone at Amazon escalate this to their technical team.

Had a very similar issue to this for about a day a few weeks back, and a friend who sells as well told me he had same issue when we were chatting, but that got fixed. So clearly it can be fixed, someone just needs to escalate this to Amazon’s technical engineering team.


Yes its still not working, we have tried over 50 titles in last 24 hours and so far only 7 have gone on. If they don’t appear in inventory in 2/3 minutes they wont appear so we then just list on eBay only.
Have opened case with SS, sent ISBNs and screenshots (showing where it confirmed the listing had been made but may tale 15 minutes to appear).
We have literally 00s of titles that we now cant list on Amazon so its getting very tiresome now and tbh everything is just going on eBay as at least it has a chance of being sold…


It’s strange because every title that failed for me (admittedly only 5 or 6) worked fine the second time of trying.


Same problem in the States since 29th July too…


Still failing here when listing books


I’m having this problem too. So pleased it’s not just me. I had one yesterday that appeared about 5 hours after I’d listed it, otherwise i find if they don’t appear quickly then they won’t appear at all. It’s driving me mad! I’m about to report it AGAIN.