Is anyone else having problems with listing items for sale since the new listing page?


It’s a huge problem for me because it’s just not worth listing stock for some to appear and some not. Out of roughly 50+ books listed from last Wednesday onwards approx 30 of them aren’t showing even though the add a product page conformed they had listed because I received the standard “Your updates have been submitted” email. I did try and re-list one of them today and again it said it had listed but it’s not in my inventory. It’s a massive problem, and what’s making it worse is Amazon keep coming back saying there isn’t any issues. I need to explore other places to sell my books.


Just had a reply from SS about where items we have listed do NOT show in our inventory…
They said to delete the SKUs from our inventory and try again…
How can we delete a SKU that does not exist in our inventory which was the whole point of the question. They have now automatically closed the case so they dont accept there is an issue.
So no point listing any books on Amazon as the ones we cant list here are selling nicely on eBay…
Its beyond laughable how bad the ‘support’ is here


I know what you mean, I have started looking at other platforms in earnest. Frankly, this listing issue is the last straw in a giant haystack of recent Amazon problems that all stem from their general disdain for sellers. Years ago it was never like this.

Regarding the waste of time attempting to list, I don’t know if it helps at all but I have begun copying the listing details for each book into a spreadsheet as I go, so that if I have to end up listing the books again, I at least have a record of the price and condition note and can just copy them back rather than having to examine the book again.


Oh, for goodness sake! This is why I am thinking it must wilful misunderstanding on their part. How can so many sellers be reporting the same serious issue and yet not one person from Amazon seems capable of grasping the problem, let alone fixing it? Come on!?

Have you reopened the case?


We have had the same problems listing Books.
Logged 2 different cases with SS
Case 1 they said its an issue with ASIN’s We now have to list books with the inventory, loader after looking at this for hours and test uploads I gave up got messages saying I have the wrong inventory loader even though I used the book thrillers template from Amazon.
Case 2 they informed me the issue is i did not put in my own SKU so have to create a new product exactly the same as i want to list then request a merge, a right pain still waiting for the merger to happen :frowning:
All very frustrating, they must know they have a problem ?


I wouldn’t take Amazon’s word for it that the problems you are experiencing are down to anything you are doing. As mentioned earlier in the thread, I just learned how to upload inventory to see if it would work any better than doing in manually. By the way, I used the Inventory Loader flat file, just as is. I was finding that I would upload a file containing a number of books, all with details entered in the same way. Some of them appeared in my inventory exactly as they should, while others from the same file had error messages saying the ASIN does not appear in Amazon’s catalogue, even though it does. I also had instances of a successful upload- ie, no error messages with the file, but the items just didn’t appear in my inventory. Interestingly I did find that a few books which didn’t list manually did appear in inventory when done via an upload, which is why I posted above that using an upload may be a way around this issue, but then I subsequently discovered these other problems.


What a load of nonsense! - if you do not give an SKU then Amazon assign one themselves - usually a string of numbers and letters.
Do you really mean SKU and not ISBN/ASIN ?
So they are suggesting creating a completely new product detail page and then requesting a merge ? - again rubbish - you cannot create a new product page without a UPC/ISBN etc, unless you apply for exemption.


Yes I always use the default Amazon SKU and they are telling me to put anything in this field.
Yes a created a new Book same as the original (it did list) and have requested a merger.
I agree with you its a load of rubbish.
Why dont they admit they have a problem ?


Thanks Cara I may try the Inventory Loader flat file.
Both my cases were logged over the last few days before i read this thread :frowning:


Especially given that we know their useless Merge tool doesn’t actually work and you can’t get them to merge anything any more!


I’ve been going through our recently listed books to pull out the ones that aren’t working and I’m finally seeing a pattern - certain publishers keep appearing.

Oxford University Press
Sage Publishing
Some smaller publishers where book seems almost-self-published

I wonder if this is something to do with the ISBN numbers not being in a database that amazon is using to create the listing, but not to look up the item in their catalogue ?


Assuming ‘they’ is Amazon SS, it’s often best to ignore what ‘they’ say.
SS seems to be largely composed of bots and humans who are only slightly less robotic than the bots themselves.
Sometimes if you persist you might get through to a real person who actually has some idea what they are talking about but it’s pot luck.

SS simply isn’t fit for purpose (unless the purpose is obfuscation and disinformation… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )


Same here lots of Academic publishers seem to be effected for me.


I just checked a few titles that I listed a couple of days ago. All went through except a Routledge textbook.

I have no record of it in my inventory…yet.

Funnily enough, at the same time, I experimentally listed a couple of titles under bogus duplicate ASINs created by dropshippers. They went through without a hitch… :roll_eyes:

The Amazon book catalogue is now beyond a joke.


Yep. I’m having serious problems with listings for academic publishers too. They go through, a SKU is generated and then they just don’t show up in the inventory. Nor are they shown as listings under the product. This has gone on for nearly a week. I’ve just bought a whole load of stock and this is really not a problem I need right now. I’m going to try and list a bunch of books using the seller app on my phone and I’ll see what happens. I’ve raised a few cases, but the responses are not making any sense. I guess eventually if there is an increase in cases, the problem will get routed to a human, so I’d encourage everyone affected to at least raise a case online.


I am also having issues - I have just re-listed a book so there is now the possibility that both appear in my inventory (or neither I guess), I did the usual and checked to see if it was gated or something. Even when I click on listing status ‘all’ nothing is showing so it’s not even pending.


I have reported the problem today!! I m having problems with listing my items for sale I try to list item 3 or 4 time without any success . About 40% of my stock gets listed . It takes 3 or 4 hours for some books to get listed . Please report this to Amazon’s technical engineering team.


I though about relisting the ‘missing’ items but I don’t want to find I’m double listed in a few days or weeks down the line.


i sell books. I’ve also noticed if it doesn’t get listed first time then you have no chance. i have about 9-10 books i cant do anything with


i have been with SS for last 4 hours the only way is to report it -create a case . They have a new page which is causing the nuisance. Please report it and than escalate…