Is anyone else having problems with listing items for sale since the new listing page?


i have been with SS for last 4 hours the only way is to report it -create a case . They have a new page which is causing the nuisance. Please report it and than escalate…


I might of cracked the code…

It seems to be academic books listed as USED. I’ve just done a test with a few of the titles which wouldn’t list last week by trying to list them as NEW but pricing them much more expensive than other sellers to make sure they didn’t get purchased! They listed fine. Tried to list them as USED and they don’t appear in my inventory. NEW and they list fine. Strange…


Sadly we have issues with cookery, fiction, non fiction, puzzle books etc and all from many many different publishers, so for us it not academic or new or used, just Amazon!


Out of interest are your books eventually appearing? I’ve noticed normal run of the mill books, fiction etc taking up to 3-4 hours to show, wheras most academic titles are just not showing at all. I still have approx 30-50 books not showing in my inventory from as far back as last Wednesday.


Yep same here, this started to fail for me on the 31st…


Some books have not appeared at all, since first trying four or five days ago. Only when doing an audit did I find some had not been listed from the 24th and 25th July. I listed them again and they came up straight away.


I would say that of 50 titles we attempted to list today, 5 went on straight away, 5-10 went on within 3-4 hours and the other 35 are still not showing. Add to this probably 70-100 more we have tried in the past 3-5 days that are not showing despite at least 3-5 attempts to list on existing listings in the Amazon catalogue (by ISBN). Its also ONLY books as any other category we list new lines in (stationery, home and kitchen, toys etc) all go on with no problems and listed using the exact same way as we have always listed (add a new product)


I’ve noticed it seems to be more likely to affect more recently published titles where Amazon itself is also on the listing. I get the feeling they have quietly gated books to smaller sellers without actually troubling to tell us or make it clear at point of listing. We just submit our ‘updates’ for their consideration and they consider they will not allow us to sell.


I did wonder the same Cara. That language is very dodgy, isn’t it? It’s that time of year when we are all preparing to sell textbooks. It may just be that Amazon wants to make sure they are unchallenged and at number 1. If this is the case, it needs a journalist to ask them straight out if they are deliberately dis-empowering others on the platform. Nothing we do on the worker ant level will make any difference.


I agree Cara. A couple of mine i cant list and only Amazon themselves are on the listing. Very suspicious that i cannot add mine


I’ve had issues since Thursday. It’s all textbooks that won’t add for me. I have raised several cases with seller support. They either don’t understand me or are blatantly ignoring the point! They just keep telling me to add a new product. I’ve explained over and over it will not work they send a link to create a new product that’s not on amazon… I tell them I will create a duplicate listing if I follow this… They then say no don’t duplicate just add an offer on existing listings, I say I cannot that’s the whole point… And we go round and round in circles!

So frustrating they just don’t understand or won’t acknowledge. I said please escalate to technical they said “we havent had many cases” so won’t. But if more cases come out rest assured it will be looked at!!!


Had my case closed on some silly thing - didn’t provide Batch ID when I provided a screenshot that showed this - so reopened it.

I’m beginning to think this might be deliberate rather than a technical issue - why academic publishers, why seller support being so unhelpful to everyone.

If the internal communication system is broken, maybe someone needs to contact the media to see if outside pressure can help resolve this?

I’m done with spending thousands on books that I can’t sell, then having to double the time to ship books to amazon basically meaning I’m paying for an extra employee, just to separate out which books can be sent in and which haven’t listed.

To me this is seems tantamount to a breach on contract on Amazon’s part.


We had a taste of this in June, being unable to list, with many books being academic and apparently containing sodium perborate! Coincidence? :thinking:


Add this thread to all your cases. I have started that and asked directly for this thread to be looked at as well as my case and it has gone quiet…always reopen your case as well…


Mine are normal general fiction and not especially recently published ones so no pattern I can discern. I have an open case with SS so waiting for the response to that. Listed two this morning - one went straight through and the other is still outstanding after a couple of hours. I will give it a bit longer and then create another case if it doesn’t appear.


I really wish people would drop the whole “it’s a conspiracy, they’re secretly gating so they get all the sales” stuff. It is demonstrably not true, doesn’t help get the issue solved and just serves to distract from the issue at hand.


I would be absolutely delighted to be wrong about this. Fair enough, I will remove the emotion and my previous post and simply state the fact that even the reply from the MDs office denies there is a technical issue and tells me I’m simply not listing books properly and provides instructions on how to do what we are all already doing. I don’t expect a resolution to this issue this side of Christmas but will try to engage with your optimism.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not optimistic it’ll be fixed quickly.

** Never attribute to malevolence what is merely due to incompetence.**


I very much doubt the media would be interested. Most journalists wouldn’t even understand the issue, let alone their readers.

I’m with those who think it’s a glitch.
If Amazon is going to gate certain books they’ll simply tell us, no need for underhand tactics.


I hope you are right. I’m currently sitting with 18 books that cant be listed. Some I’ve tried 4 times. As soon as I get done with today’s input I will raise some cases.