Is anyone else having problems with listing items for sale since the new listing page?


I have 2 books that won’t list, have tried several times, both are published by SAGE. I have however managed to list Routledge.


I wrote to the MD to explain we have what appears to be a major technical issue but that every seller who has reported it to SS has had the same kind of response. That is, no acknowledgement of the issue, but a suggestion that the seller suddenly isn’t doing something right, and basic instructions on how to list a book. I told him the problem is happening whether sellers are listing manually or via upload but doesn’t affect all listings.

In reply, I received a detailed and coherent response from a member of the Executive Selling Partner Relations team, who said:

“For the books you are trying to sell, by using the option "Sell Yours", the product ID gets auto-populated, which is leading to the error and the product not being added to your inventory.”

Although this would appear to be an admission of a technical problem, he then said:

“Please resubmit your product with correct ASIN or resubmit your product with a product identifier other than the ASIN”

Of course, this isn’t possible when listing manually, it is auto-populated as he previously noted, so he went on to say I should use an upload file, something I had already told him doesn’t work. Various instructions on how to suck eggs were included. Basically, a more detailed version of what we’ve all been getting from SS and exactly what I was expressing concern about.

This is someone from the top team. Incompetence or something else? I dare not speculate.


ive just had this response.

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

From your email, I understand that you are unable to list some books in amazon.

Please be informed that, amazon has recently restricted sellers from listing popular books and we are currently not accepting applications to sell these items. We will not be able to provide any further information at this time.

If you like to get the exact details, please provide the books details such as book name, ISBN and publisher.


Ha! There we go. So instead of being upfront and just saying so from the outset that they have gated some books to some sellers, they have decided to give us all a massive, time-wasting, dishonest run-around. Brilliant.


Can you email again to get confirmation of this…


This is just another wrong response from support. There was an email maybe 2 or 3 months about restricting popular books - I’m sure someone can find it.

The listing process being broken is not related.

Edit - replied to the wrong person.

Edit 2 - found the post


That’s not quite what happened - books were listed but didn’t show up in inventory or for sale. Which suggests glitch.

Amazon has been full of glitches since they introduced the new ‘improved’ listing pages.

If they are now gating textbooks that is a very worrying development indeed.


I had a response to my case asking that I submit a screenshot of the error message I get when I am trying to add a product. I have gone back yet again and explained that I am trying to list against an existing product and that there is no error message. The book just doesn’t appear in my inventory.


Its not just books.
Yesterday I added several new products (various dressing gowns and slippers). All are now ‘Suppressed’ in my inventory.
When I click edit it is asking for information I know I entered the first time.
On my slippers it it says I need to enter Size - I enter size but the error stays and the ‘Save’ button remains disabled so I cannot save.
On other items Colour and Material is missing. I enter the values, click save and listing is still ‘Suppressed’
I have gone through the process several times yesterday and again today but no matter what I do listing stays ‘Suppressed’ and new information is not saved or I cannot update and save.
I have created a case with Support but it keeps directing me to how to edit a product listing.
I am losing the will to live lol.


As are many of us with the whole listing thing, and deactivated items.

Jessica, or one of the mods - please can you maybe escalate these problems as all our attempts to report the problems do not seem to be understood by Seller Support ?
Also the inability to request merges of duplicate pages, and not accepting corrections to product details that are wrong - these mostly books and BMVD categories.


Hi. I wonder what you mean when you say ‘Suppressed’ in your inventory? With the books the problem is that when added through the ‘Add A Product’ page, they simply disappear. They aren’t suppressed, they simply don’t exist anywhere at all. I currently have 30 books that I have tried to add which just vanished after showing that they have been added. They just don’t make it into the inventory at all. They cost me money to buy and now I cannot offer them for sale. There is no missing information to correct, as there is just no entry. I have re-tried a number of books several times and on each occasion there is the same result. This is up to 1/4 of the books I’ve listed since last Saturday. There is no explanation or logic to it. People have tried to posit various patterns but no explanation seems adequate. Either there is a pretty major unacknowledged glitch or Amazon has decided to disallow some sellers from selling books which others are currently selling on the platform. It’s very frustrating. I’ve raised yet another case tonight, but no one seems to be getting any sense out of Seller Support.


Yes - in the past I have suffered from items disappearing after adding as well.
But now my items are in my inventory with ‘Suppressed’ beside them. Help says that suppressed items are hidden from search. So although there is an ASIN and a product page - no one can buy it unless they know the ASIN and can go straight to the page as it wont appear in any search.
Worse - on one of the items I have just discovered there is another seller but I am not listed as a seller!!


I also was about to reply that it isn’t just books. I started noticing this on the side Sunday night at 9:47pm their Eastern time in the Toys and Games category there. And it’s not just items that don’t appear in inventory when you go to list them. If you had them in your inventory and your quantity is 0, and you change the pricing and the quantity to new numbers the pricing will stay at the old pricing when it eventually lists about 8-12 hours later This has caused several of our items to sell at the wrong pricing. You have to change the price FIRST while the quantity is at 0, wait the few hours for the inventory to register the price AND THEN change the quantity.

Gods help you if then it tells you that your pricing is too high.


I’ve just seen this with a book too. I had one copy on sale and edited the listing to add a further copy. No change has subsequently appeared. Today I added 12 new books through the ‘Add a product’ page and 6 have not appeared in my inventory. I have an open case with Seller Services and, at their request, have sent a copy of the screenshot showing the generated SKU for a listed item which subsequently didn’t appear in my inventory. I now have 36 books in this category.


I’ve just checked my inventory and there is still no sign of the Routledge paperback I listed a couple of days ago.

I’ve looked at all the various sub-categories like Paused /Out of stock /Closed /Approval Required /Start date in future /Other issues
It’s not there.
I don’t have any ‘suppressed’ listings so it’s not that either.

I’ve just relisted it (using the ‘Sell on Amazon’ link from the product page) so will see if it ‘takes’ this time…


No sign of it yet.

I had a ‘Your updates have been submitted’ message after listing it along with an Amazon created SKU.
I have copied that so I have at least something to show SS if I ever get around to asking them to explain what’s going on.


images seem to be taking an absolute eternity to start showing on new listings at the moment.


I’ve kept on with SS today, reviving a case they closed. I have sent them a screenshot of the Amazon generated SKU. I’m waiting for a response. I now have 40 books in limbo.

Like you, I tried adding via the ‘Sell On Amazon’ link which seems to have returned after a period of absence but so far no joy.

I’m thinking to try adding my own SKUs to see if that makes a difference. Do they have to follow a pattern or can you just add anything? How about IT-MUST-WORK ?


The curious thing is that I’ve made a large number of listings in the last few days. I’m mostly selling academic books. The books which don’t make it through to the inventory are overwhelmingly smaller paperbacks. Big fat ones and hardbacks seem to go through OK. Apart from a few, most of my 40 books in limbo fit this category. I saw a thread on US Amazon where someone had the same experience. Seems like a curious error unless they are working in league with the post office!


This particular title is one I’ve had on the back burner for quite a while as the average offer price was only around £3 whenever I’ve checked in the recent past.

The cheapest copy is now £18, so more attractive to list.

The fact that there are now no cheap copies available suggests that lots of others have tried listing the same book without success, keeping the price artificially high.

To test the system, I listed it again under one of the ‘bogus duplicate’ ASINs populated by dropshippers.

The result - it appeared instantly both in my inventory and on the offers page.

So it looks like Amazon have made life even easier for the dodgy dropshippers.