UPS want to charge for collecting FBA collection


what was the question ?


Yes am doing so - will update!
Amazon told me to do the same:grinning:


But by booking a collection with a charge attached you agreed to pay that charge to ups and they collected on that basis.


It’s a paid for service by Amazon, the fees were incorrectly added as Amazon have said. I didn’t agree to a charge!


You did though, when you organised the collection with UPS and they said there would be a collection fee

Have you contacted UPS ?


For the sake of £2.40 is it really worth the stress of fighting it. If you don’t pay it UPS may refuse to collect from you in the future.

It could cost you a lot more having to use another courier or having to drop parcels off at a UPS depot.


It’s funny how some people are willing to be ripped off! I know it’s only £2.40, but you add that up over a year! Amazon have said it’s an incorrect charge. And no I didn’t agree to pay extra for the umpteenth time! If you want to lose money go ahead be my guest :slight_smile:


It’s been corrected now. I won’t be wasting my precious time trying to get the £2.40 I paid, back as I could be doing something positive instead that will lead to sales. let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.


What I don’t understand is why they didn’t issue a statement acknowledging the problem alongside some guidance on what to do about it.

It could well have been a policy change for their silence,

They should, out of principle be auto refunding anyone who got charged.

Imagine if you behaved like this to a customer.


I’ve just had an email from amazon acknowledging the issue and sorting out a way to refund those who did pay the collection charges


Yep - I’ve just had the email, too:


We are aware that you may have experienced issues with UPS charging an additional collection fee on pre-paid UK domestic parcel shipments using the Partnered Carrier Programme between November 17 and November 25, 2021.

We have been working with UPS to find the root cause of this issue and have now confirmed that this was fixed on the November 25, 2021.

We are working with UPS to define a process for UPS to (i) review the charges, and (ii) refund / credit the charged amounts if they were incorrectly billed. We will keep you informed in this respect.

The Fulfilment by Amazon team