UPS want to charge for collecting FBA collection


OK thanks - must be something extra wrong here ! would like to curse but expect it would be removed. Will try turning the computer off and on again :grinning:



4 boxes collected this morning. I had 2 boxes with this 1Z15F, the other 2 were 1Z59A

When using the automated booking I used one of the boxes with tracking 1Z59A tracking to make booking - no charge for this collection


Still having problems - tried again this morning still getting 1Z15 numbers. Not to concerned about that now so have booked onto UPS as suggested by other posters
However still having same issue with information not registering on the Track Shipment page

This shipment has been confirmed but as you can see there are blank spaces where the labels tracking numbers box size should be. Anyone else getting this? have opened an URGENT (haha!) case with Seller support but don’t hold out much hope


The one I did yesterday afternoon was fine and the shipment page updated okay to show the tracking numbers.

Have you tried a different device or web browser? It does seem to work differently on different browsers/devices. For example on my laptop I get updates on the tracking events for each box but on my tablet using Firefox I never see the updates.


have tried Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft - isn’t showing on any of them. It’s driving me crazy. Anyway I’ve booked a UPS collection and we’ll see if anything updates once it’s gone In theory once it gets to the fulfilment centre the Amazon barcode will be the one they scan and that does match up with the actual shipment ID so fingers crossed. Just what we need at this time of year .


i’ve literally just created another shipment and the tracking number showed straight away
still a 1Z15F etc one so will have to arrange collection using an old one again


This is a real pain - just done another one and the tracking number has not come across. Absolutely no idea why . Must be an issue here as well as at Amazon!


I’m having troubles again with this I have the 1Z15F tracking numbers, UPS nor Amazon have helped. The driver wouldn’t collect last time as he said I’d have to pay the charge!


Just phoned UPS and they refuse to take parcels, even if I used an old tracking number to book it, the new ones require a collection fee when they scan the boxes. How does anyone get round this?


i’ve literally just phoned - using the normal automated service and arranged collection ok


I can’t use the automated service, I don’t have a UPS account, when I go through to a human they say I have to pay collection charge


i don’t have a UPS account either
i registered my phone number and address when i organised my first collection and now i only have to give my phone number and it knows my account

others have said that you can do it online with an old tracking number


I can book using an old tracking number, but when the driver scans the parcels it shows a collection fee and last time refused to collect without payment. I phoned UPS later that day and they admitted there shouldn’t have been a collection fee and arranged collection but next day, so I lost a day. I phoned UPS twice this morning and they won’t accept it’s pre-paid and there’s a collection fee, I asked to speak to a supervisor, they kept me on hold for ages and then said they’d ring me back which hasn’t happened as yet. I then phoned the depot and they said the driver won’t collect if there’s a collection charge unpaid, I tried to explain what happened last time 2 days ago but they ALL seem to have forgotten about it!


This is what makes me hesitant about using an old tracking number, even if it is picked up. If something goes wrong… trying to explain things to people


When I try the automated service, and put in my phone number, which I’ve used for donkeys years, it tells me the wrong address! So I always end up having to speak with someone.


I have tried to phone using the 1Z1 numbers - £6.00 per collection -

Amazon SS useless (I thought they would be, but thought hey ho, you never know…)

So, am I literally just putting old numbers from collections a few weeks ago? - just to get them collected, and then we know the tracking should update ok?


I’ve opened a case with SS and had a few exchanges with them. Opened it by ticking the box THIS ISSUE IS URGENT AND REQUIRED IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.
Maybe they will react if enough of us do the same thing ?


How are the UPS drivers scanning the boxes in if you use wrong and old tracking numbers? The ones on the box will still carry a incorrect charge. My collection driver refused last time to collect until UPS sorted it out on the phone later


no idea - currently our UPS driver is refusing to appear for collections booked for Tuesday as they say tey are too busy and it’s Amazon’s issue - but that is a whole different issue :tired_face:


Yes, we are having the same issue. I’m speaking with UPS now.