UPS want to charge for collecting FBA collection


Maybe a mod could look into this issue an make an announcement @Jessica


Just adding that I’m having this issue too. Would be good to know if it’s a glitch or policy so I can get on with my shipment.


I doubt this is correct, we had the same problem with tracking numbers in March. It’s a pre paid service.


This is what I am thinking as well. But can SS be so wrong?


It’s possible but everything like this is always announced with plenty of warning. Everything was fine last week. And yes… they can be so wrong!


Same with me. Contacted seller support 3 times, same cut and paste reply.


Yes they can. Unfortunately seller support often do not know what is going on and make assumptions.

It does appear to be a glitch where Amazon are using new tracking numbers which UPS systems think are chargeable.


I think this is a case of SS mis-understanding the issue. If you look at the shipping page where you click to agree to the £3.66, charge directly under that it says
" To complete your shipment with UPS, visit UPS’s website to contact the carrier or call 03457 877877. Please note that your shipment will not be collected until this step has been completed."
Looks to me that this is what SS person is quoting and not a new policy. I doubt whether Amazon will want us all making independent bookings via UPS - it would be chaos.


No, they clearly stated that this “new collection process” has been activated 2 days ago.

The “To complete your shipment with UPS, visit UPS’s website to contact the carrier or call 03457 877877. Please note that your shipment will not be collected until this step has been completed.” is there since I remember.


I made a multi box shipment earlier, half the tracking numbers are chargeable ones and half are free so I’m thinking that does mean it’s a glitch


Definitely issues with UPS, I have been receiving tracking numbers that have been reused and have previously had a scan.

Although I wasn’t charged for the collection I have once before in the past and upon inspecting the amazon label charges it was like £60 more than what it should have been. At the time, I was far too busy to raise the issue. My point is checking how much amazon actually charged you for the shipment as it might show a discrepancy there too.


Just came across the same issue.

This still isn’t resolved.


I’d have just paid the £2.40 if it wasn’t for this.

We may end up getting charged far more for delivery than normal too and then there’d be no chance of getting that back again.


We have had the same issue with the tracking numbers. Seller Support sent me to contact UPS to sort this but UPS said that this was not an issue with them. Has this problem been resolved for anyone?


Happened me too, luckily I was only sending one 15kg box and there’s a drop off point near me so I just dropped it off there.

Hoping it gets resolved quickly as collections are a lot easier.


I was having the pick up charge issue on the UPS website when trying to book a collection yesterday/today. I can confirm that I used and ‘old’ UPS tracking number and it allowed the pick up to be confirmed charge free.


But would the actual shipment itself be charged at the normal discounted rate, or would there be issues with that too?


No, it’s charged as normal


Same again today, asking for pick up charge for my 3 shipments.
Just chose the ‘Pay by Cash’ option and pick up is arranged. Lets see what happens!!


Yes having the same problem and my UPS guy said today that he is meant to collect it from me as i mark pay cash and he said he is ignoring it, as they have been told in the UPS office it is a glitch with Amazon system… just for change!