UPS want to charge for collecting FBA collection


so it seems amazon updates the shipment with new number (1Z1F) on their end


yes of course - thats the ACTUAL number - i’m only using an old number to get UPS to arrive at my address


thanks for the tip, i am going to try it today


I had been choosing Pay By Cash, and driver was just collecting with no questions, but today he informed I’m due collection fees so had to pay him. Bloody farce.

I’ll try the hack using an old number tomorrow.



But the tracking number you give UPS when booking a collection will be different to the one on the box, doesn’t that cause a problem when the driver scans the barcode on the box?


It hasn’t done for all the ones I’ve done this week. And I always booked previously with random old codes and never had any issue


Just booked a UPS and they tried to charge me so I used the trick of using an old AWB no. It worked perfectly so thank you everyone for that tip.


Amazon have responded to my case:
Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that you contacted us with regards to Shipment id: xxx as you have selected Amazon partnered carrier and paid for Shipment but while booking an appointment, UPS is asking to pay again.

I would like to inform that we have now received confirmation from UPS that this issue has been resolved and if you have been charged collection fee by UPS, you will be reimbursed for the same.


Do youall actually sit and weigheach box and add all the trackingnumbers in on UPS website for collection?

I have always only ever used the one tracking number since i first started doing FBA years ago.
I then just carry on packing and labelling boxes till they arrive. If they arrive quick its just one box. If they arrive late they get about 20… All booked under a number for 1 box.

Why is anyone paying collection for each and every box or better still just use an old number?

Use the old number every time tills its sorted. (i have one saved on a post it note) used it every day this week to book the collection… same 15kg 50x60x50 and then just hand the driver whatever boxes i have ready when he arrives…



Yep… still not fixed and depends who you get in seller support as they still deny any issues.


Same here :grinning:


Find it weird that so many sellers have not worked out booking a collection is one thing. Having labels with different numbers on doesn’t affect anything!.. often mine aren’t scanned till they get taken off the van at the depot who would know any difference?


Actually the drivers usually scan the boxes before taking them from my premises, and as a consequence the first time the charge appeared the driver refused to take them and I had to have an argument with UPS on the phone to get them to come back.


I’ve had over 20 boxes collected with no mention of a charge


Is that because you booked using a chargeable number though?


I only ever put one box number in but my number of boxes is accurate and the weight is just a rough guess


Both last week and this week I have arranged UPS over the phone, as usual. On both occasions I have been charged a cash payment. For sending 27kg I pay through Amazon system £9.30 + vat, then when I have it collected, I’m now paying an extra £6.25 cash. Does anyone use DPD into FBA. I have been using UPS to get into the warehouse quicker as preferred courier, however, £6.25 extra is a steep jump. My regular UPS courier said it’s a new tax payment and has become a standard, it’s new to him as well so he was surprised last week when I gave him cash.


Hi, can I ask the size of your boxes ? Mine are 60 x 60 x 60 cm @27 kg and are being charged


It’s not about the size of the boxes, it’s about giving UPS an older tracking number that doesn’t trigger the collection fee.


Are your boxes a single oversized unit (ignore me if so!)? Standard shipments should not be over 23kg and could be rejected if they are.