UPS want to charge for collecting FBA collection


No - unless they are not going to a UK depot ?!

I arranged collection of 9 boxes on wednesday and there was no charge - even using the new tracking numbers


I just got an invoice in the post to pay £2.40. Someone didn’t get the message at UPS or Amazon haven’t properly resolved this? Am I supposed to pay this now?


unless you can speak to someone at UPS to write it off, I’d pay it


They are going to UK - this happened last time as well and I getting pretty cranky about. Do I book and accept charges and then call call UPS, cancel try again…all advice appreciated!


£175 for 5 boxes sounds way off

how do you arrange collection ?
have you tried doing it over the phone ?


I am in the workflow bit


Pay for something that Amazon should have paid? Surely this is wrong?


Well, that’s what I thought, but they say they offer discounted rates on shipping not free, but I’ve never had to pay before - thing is if I create the shipment plan I have to accept the charges…catch 22
Am I missing something here or is there another way to do it?


sorry i thought you said they were collection charges

how heavy are your boxes ? or are they pallets ?

there was a special discount for new FBA sellers that has finished now


I didn’t say it was right - these charges were incorrect in the first place - thats what the thread is about but amazon won’t pay them for you so you need to contact UPS and see if they will remove the charge


Ok will get in touch - they aren’t pallets just boxes, weigh about 6kg!
Thanks for the help - will give them a call


can you screenshot the section on the workflow which shows the £175
are you boxes longer or wider than the standard size ?


Oh don’t worry I’ll make a fuss at Amazon head office if they don’t pay. It’s only a small amount but it all adds up and anyway it’s the principle, We shouldn’t have to pay for Amazon’s failures, we pay a huge amount in fees to them so I would expect better (and I know they very often fail to meet basic customer service satisfaction in terms of seller support).


fine - if that’s what you are happy to do then do that


I will thanks. I don’t bend over for Amazon.


great - good luck !..


60x60x60 - we always send that!


have you tried deleting the shipment and creating a new one ?


and are you putting 6kg in for each box rather 30kg (the total weight) ?


I got an answer from Amazon. They said they are experiencing a ‘technical issue’ and they are working on it.

How long does it take to change the incorrect format of a shipping label?