Is there a "Buy X And Get 25% Off Of Y" Promotion available?


We’ve got a product that is moving slowly (X) and want to try and get it moving by running a promotion on the slow moving product for discount off of a quicker moving product (Y).

Is there a promotion available for “Buy X and Get 25% Off Of Y”? I can’t see it anywhere, the only thing I can see is buy X and get Y free.


Can you issue a coupon to purchasers of X that is worth 25% off Y.
It will mean two transactions and involve you sending the coupon code to each buyer so that they can buy Y at the reduced price, but should work assuming you can activate coupon codes on product Y


That is the only way I can think of doing it at the moment, it just doesn’t seem like the easiest of ways for the customer to purchase.


Easiest way to do it is attached.

This will show the promotion only on the product that runs the promotion. So X will show promotion, but not Y.

This is in the promotion manager “Buy One Get One”

Nevermind, just realised this one does free products!

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