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Hi, i am a newby to amazon and need a bit of help. Firstly i sell belt buckles, thing is i cant find what category to put these in, can someone have a look and help, i am a pro merchant seller but under the select category there is no suitable place to enter there. I have listed a few so far so would it be possible for someone to have a look at my pages and see if i have done things correct. Thanks


So how do i put mine in there


I think to sell in clothes you may have to get “permission” to do so. You have to be an approved seller

(The category apparel seems to be limited and not include clothing accessories or belts)


I have just searched for belt buckles …
They seem to come under clothing … (Gender) … Accessories


Hello again

For reference the most suitable node would be: Clothing > Bags & Accessories > Belts (Node ID 362399011) as there isn’t one for belt buckles.




In addition to what Pat has said, once you have receive approval from AMZ to sell in the Apparel category, you should download the Apparel inventory template and the Apparel Browse Tree Guide (BTG), links here: .

The BTG will give you the “node” (sub-category) codes to place the item in the correct sub-category. For Amazon-approved categories (e.g. clothing, jewellery, watches) you can only add new unlisted products using the inventory template - these approved categories will not show if you go to Manage Inventory > Add a Product.

Good luck!


Hello again

Not sure what criteria AMZ will use to approve your request in Apparel, but when we applied for approval to list in the jewellery category, there were 12 questions we had to answer and provide evidence for.

I won’t list them all here as several are specific to jewellery and I would expect AMZ to ask appropriate ones of you - but hey, Apparel could be different to Jewellery!

One key requirement in gaining approval was to have our own transactional website (eBay store doesn’t count to AMZ) on which we sell our products, as all non-FBA merchants (applying for listing in approved categories) must have a transactional website or be enrolled in Amazon Webstore.

One other thing we had to do was prove we had the right to sell the items in the UK (for which we scanned and emailed a load of supplier invoices)

We actually went through the approval process first, before signing up for a pro-merchant account

Good luck in gaining approval, if I can advise in any other way just let me know :slight_smile:


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Hi again, i have contacted customer support and they are passing onto my details to the department who makes a decision on this. As i say i am paying the £25.00 per month for the profesional pack, if i dont get approved for my items to be put in the category they need to go in, then what would be the point of listing. Also what is the criteria in getting accepted, customer support could not give me the answer.


Sorry if this sounds obvious but is it not possible to just create a listing using the UPC if it has one? Apparel>Shoes and Accessories>Belts seems the closest.

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