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Performance Checklist is almost good,
but in the Customer Metrics- product lines (showing in the second file),order defect account, orders refund, negative feedback received, A-to-Z claims field,service chargebacks field don’t show “0”, does that mean there are something wrong with my account?
you know, there are no negative feedback showed in my customer feedback, We haven’t dealt with any claims and chargebacks, also the items were dispatched in time, but our account is under review, don’t know how to do?
very appreciated if anyone could give us some advice



In addition to what Paul has said, it could be due to your poor responsiveness to customer enquiries.

As you know all customer messages should be replied to within 24 hours. If no response is required (say if a buyer has emailed you just to say thank you), then there is a box where you can tick no response required. When Amazon emailed you to say your account was under review, they may have asked for a detailed plan on how you would improve. If so, you would need to make a plan and send it to Amazon.



If you have no adverse feedback, no A-Z or chargeback claims, then any account review is for reasons other than seller performance. So it could be:

a) a velocity review. To protect buyers, Amazon review the account of any new seller who sells a high value of goods in a short period of time. This is because in the past some sellers have listed and sold items they did not have, fraudulently confirmed despatch, then banked the money and ran. So Amazon put a freeze on funds in the seller’s account until there is sufficient positive feedback to show that the seller is actually fulfilling orders. This can be for up to 90 days, but is usually less. One thing you can do to speed things up is contact buyers to explain, and ask if they would be kind enough to leave positive feedback if they are happy with the service you provided. A velocity review is nothing to worry about if you are a genuine honest seller.

b) an IP infringement review, if there have been complaints from buyers that items a seller sends are not authentic; or from other sellers that you are listing items that in fringe their IP rights. Or if the Amazon automated software has detected that you are listing prohibited items. If this were the case you should have had warnings from Amazon prior to any review.


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Looking at the files included, it is indeed your late response to customer messages that’s causing your problem, as already suggested, you need to reply to customer emails quickly, or mark as no response needed to ensure you meet targets in this area.

Try going back to messages that you did not reply to and mark as ‘no response needed’ if it allows you to do that at this stage, then respond to Amazon that you plan in future to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

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