Two step verification is now compulsory


A pop-up has just appeared on my Amazon account saying After 30 June, your access to Seller Central will be disabled if you have not enrolled.

The instructions for 2 step verification says, “you don’t need mobile service for this but you do need a mobile device”

My only mobile device is my phone and as the signal is bad and I sometimes don’t get a message for days (or sometimes at all) how on earth am I supposed to log into my Amazon account?

Good security is meant to keep the wrong people out, NOT the people who are supposed to able to get it.

What makes this even worse it that barely over a week ago one of the mods posted this on the Eureaka board…

"There are no current plans however to roll this feature out as a requirement for all sellers."

So can the mods look into this urgently and stop this madness?


The Google authenticator is installed on your phone, not your pc. Its function is to produce 6 digit numbers which are valid for 1 minute.

Amazon has provided two distinct methods: SMS and Google Authenticator. Neither of those methods require you to carry additional pieces of equipment to generate one time passcodes that only work for Amazon.

The mobile phone with the number Amazon uses for SMS needn’t be (but can be) the same device that has the authenticator app on.

Having 2 stage verification is not a hassle at all - in fact if you tick the don’t ask on this computer box it makes zero difference to the login process going forward. However, I can be that much happier that it would be that much harder for a miscreant to log into my account.


You can use the Google Authenticator which doesn’t require mobile service.

You can also tick the box which says don’t require 2 stage authentication on this device (once you’ve successfully 2 stage authenticated once). Deleting cookies will require 2 stage authentication again though.



That’s not a great solution either, I use blockers to keep Google out of my computer as much as possible.

If Amazon are going to make 2 step verification compulsory they need to come up with at least one other alternative way.

I already use three or four different types of 2 step verification on other websites, so it’s not like it isn’t possible.


Its about time that they made this compulsory. Too not use it is negligence in my opinion.

You can use multiple devices to receive your login code, if you dont like Google Authenticator you can use other apps like Authy to manage codes (works with almost all sites that use Google Authenticator). You can also use either mobile and/or landlines. I have all three setup so that I have no hassle if my phone disappears.


As I said above I use both landlines and mobiles to receive the code.

If you use the landline option they call you and read out the code, if your PC is secure you would only need to do that once every 30 days unless you clear your cookies.

More and more companies are upgrading to 2FA so it probably is a good idea to upgrade to a cheap and cheerful smart phone to be able to use it (~£50). Google Authtenicator does not rely on a signal to generate the six digit code and there are alternatives to Google.

Its like when banks moved over to two factor (most use token based systems), most consumers moaned but the banks quite rightly took the approach of use 2FA or don’t use online banking.


There are other authenticator apps, for example microsoft do one.


Go to your local phone store and pick up a cheap Andriod phone on PAYG for between £20 and £40 on EE website, I am sure you can get one second hand off eBay for less that that as well.

Like others have said, Amazon has offered 2 ways now to allow you to log in with 2FA.

Text, and Google authenticator, I can’t see anymore they need to do.

If you were a new seller, and in the T&C it says you need one of the above… What would you do? walk away from Amazon, or go out and get one of the above?

Also if you had spent a few minutes, well 30 seconds and google Google Authenticator Windows you will find an application for Windows that uses Google Authenticator, so now you have a 3rd way, of been able to use this service.

Oh hang on, someone mentioned phone, as in landline, I didn’t know this was an option, but hell that makes it 4 ways now to log in…

I really cant see what anyones problems with these changes are…


I’ve got an old Nokia, so I don’t think these apps will work, and as I’ve already said the signal is bad so they are going to be pretty useless anyway.

Some people don’t even have a mobile device… What are they supposed to do?


Being home-based I don’t really have much need for a mobile phone, and only have a 12-year-old Siemens which doesn’t do app’s or the internet. Presumably each time I login to my account I am going to have to fire up the venerable beast and receive a text message?

What a palaver if so. The only other sites that occasionally requires that from me is Paypal and eBay, and then only if I’m going to ring them about an issue, not to login.

It’d be more convenient for Jeff to send round a drone to scan my eyes. Maybe he has that planned for 2020.

I’ve had 5 sales here in the past 30 days. If selling here was still lucrative I might be prepared to buy a Smart phone, or invite Google into my computer (I also boycott that site, and block Google Analytics from Firefox, the last thing I want is Google seeking to identify me via Amazon and link it to the IP profiles they illegally keep and share).


You won’t need to do anything extra at all if you set your usual device, be it laptop, desktop or whatever, as trusted and exempt from the 2 step login.
You will be secure in the knowledge that the only time a code is sent to your selected phone is if an attempt is being made to hack your account, and in that case you will be glad you protected yourself.
Lack of a mobile, or poor signal is actually no drawback at all.


My land line handset accepts text messages. Perhaps you could consider getting sonething similar


Well the fact that barely a week ago we had a post from an Amazonian posted on their official seller forum saying…

“There are no current plans however to roll this feature out as a requirement for all sellers.”

And then this happens!

That in itself is a MASSIVE problem because it shows that we can’t trust anything the mods tell us. Since the comment was also posted on the new EREAKA forum in answer to a question about 2 step verification, it also demonstrates what a waste of space the new forum is… as many of us had already suspected.

Perhaps if Amazon were so quick to pay the money they owe me (which is now 4 weeks overdue) as they are to change their mind, I could go out a buy a ‘smart’ phone…

(Definitely wouldn’t buy it on Amazon though, you never know what you’re getting these days… might be a knock off)


I was always sceptical about signing up for this but after all the hacked accounts I decided to.

There really is no issue here and it is easy.

Once you have set it up for the first time you can then remove the need for the 2 step verification from certain machines (we authorised our desktops and ipads so they log straight in).

It then only asks for the verification if the log in is attempted from a different machine.

You need the mobile device but you can also request the six digit code via land line as a back up.


Its a belt and braces approach Pudding, a mate who works in IT told me its not essential but it wont do any harm either. So since I have been trading online I clear cookies every day along with running the virus checker Malabytes malware detector and the firewall. The only things saved are passwords but I randomly change those on a regular basis and they are only saved on my office desktop to which only I have access.

I should add that I use my computer as a machine and like my TV and Car have little idea exactly how it works, if they break I get someone to fix it :slight_smile: As long as I run the checks daily I have been fine and not had an issue. I don’t have an issue with two step log in I simply wish to know if removal of cookies means I have to use 2 step each time I log in


Yes, if you delete your cookies, you will be asked for the code again on next login.


No such pop-up has appeared for me … not holding my breath though


I had the pop-up appear this morning.

Is it necessary to clear Amazon cookies every day?

I clear cookies every so often but only selectively, and not for trusted sites.

Unless it’s a mobile or shared device, I’m not sure how cookies from Amazon and the like compromise security.


Thank you Adrian, I’m relieved if that is the case.

On a more general point about this entire subject, our accounts are far more likely to be hacked if we are not logging in each day to busy ourselves with orders. Being here to monitor activities, to have an active account, is the strongest prevention.

If it’s true what many seem to believe, that FBM sales are being throttled, then it would seem Amazon is part of the problem, creating this vast number of near-redundant seller accounts which are ripe for the picking.

And globally speaking, most of the hacking and industrial espionage in the world emanates from the very country Amazon seems so keen to get into bed with.


Do you really think the Mod’s who come by this forum once a month, if you’re lucky really know ALL the changes that Amazon put in place, or the last minute change of minds that the people higher up make?

Personally, unless it came from an official Amazon email or an update via the notification center, I would not 100% go with updates posted on these boards. As the mod’s don’t have that LVL of authorization within the duties.

I can see where Amazon are going with the whole 2FA, give it 12 months, heck maybe not even that long, and the introduction of compulsory, 2FA, if your account gets hacked, and your money is removed then I would guess Amazon won’t be refunding the monies stolen. (this is my personal opinion) as the responsibility with 2FA etc is all been passed onto us, the account holder.

But getting side tracked like I mentioned in my post you don’t need to go out and buy anything, Google - Google Authenticator Windows and you will find a FREE application that you can install on your PC which will do this for you.

As for the money issues with Amazon, I feel for you, small businesses have a hard time enough with cash flow, and it doesn’t help when you have Amazon holding back money. But that is a whole new topic.