VTR Royal Mail 2nd Class on Report?


They suspend listing not account. Yes, it is hassle for writing POA to reinstate listing due to Amazon mistake.


Just catching up with the thread whilst watching an Amazon advert informing me that they’ve invested 2.8 billion in 3rd party sellers … can I just get my cut of that and I can probably retire … :slight_smile:
Oh and I just got my 1st warning email …


If your Valid Tracking Rate continues to be below 95%, we may remove the listings for your seller-fulfilled items in the affected categories on Amazon.co.uk.

Listings (Plural) This can read if you have other listings in that *category which you may send full tracked, these could also be removed.


Post Office team working on the counters are very well aware about commission on service they are offering. Due to that reason, they try to avoid services more hassle and less pay. Post Office Head Office is cutting down commission on services on regular basis.

Few Post Office places are brilliant to offer services without hassle but few are proper stressing.

On few occasions in past I end up dropping bags in the sorting office, because they refuse to take bags.


As well as the “Royal Mail 2nd Class” issue we are now also seeing all the barcoded royal mail shipments that RM have failed to scan appearing on the VTR report, up to yesterday these were also not on the report, is anybody else seeing these?


Don’t worry, Jeff Bezos The Amazon Space Pirate has said its just a glitch :joy:




My post office can’t scan tracked parcels, they happily accept any of my prepaid parcels cos I do my banking there but they’ve shown me a few times that the qr code on a tracked parcel doesn’t work on their system


Me too - Upset me this morning and to be honest im very very close to closing my Seller Account after 15 years


To add: it does say on the royal mail website tracked 24 and 48 can’t be dropped at the post office and must go to a customer service point


Just adding the same - all my orders go via Royal Mail 1st Class. I was at 100% yesterday, then suddenly on the same orders I am at 0%. A warning email received overnight.

There’s nothing I can do and it’s a glitch at their end. Their own support people are inept. Ho hum…


Mine always scans the QR Code.

I think I am lucky with mine as it is a family run business and I have been using them for the last 10 years so know them very well. It is unusual in Birmingham to have a proper family run post office as so many are now parts of Spar’s etc where the service is no where near as good.


Hi… Wouldn’t make much difference as I sell in primarily one category :grin:


I felt like a bit of sing along Bowie space oddity this morning …Ground control to Major Penguin, Ground control to Major Penguin take your large letters and put your tracking on, commencing packing, labels on. Check OBA and may God’s love be with you.

This is Ground control to Major Penguin, you’ve really made the sales and the VTR want to know which service you’ve used. Now it’s time to leave the warehouse if you dare. This is Major Penguin to ground control, i’m stepping trough the shutters and i’m floating in the most perculiar way, and the couriers look very different today.

For here, and i’m sitting in a VTR van, Royal mail is looking very blue and there is nothing I Can do. Though i’m past 1000 letters i’m feeling very still and i think my VTR knows which way to go.

Ground control to Major Penguin your VTR has gone and there is something wrong, can you hear me Major Penguin.


Well I received 6 warning emails last night !
Thanks @Jessica for coming back - please keep us posted


Hi Jessica,

That would be great as I have turned off my FBM as I can’t risk the bots suspending my account.


Hello Smiley-guy , i thought my post office used to offer a tracked service but Im getting on a bit , so my memory isnt always reliable but I think this could be the reason they dont accept pre-payed tracked parcels because they simply dont have the space behind the counter .
The post office used to take up a third of the shop (in question) and had three people work there full time , now they have a’kiosk’ with a single part time Post office worker , the rest of the time the shop owner seems to open and close the post office at will .


Gutted…I only received 2.:roll_eyes:


I’m off on holiday on Friday - this is worse than being ‘pinged’ lol


Yes VTR was 100% and now down to 12%, we have changed nothing and still sending packages via royal mail 2nd class so why they are all now appearing on report is beyond me. Amazon do drive me round the bend and never own up when the problem sits with them so so frustrating.