Can customers claim non delivery after 5 months


Customer now claiming that they have not received their order which was placed 5 months ago.Item was shipped on 5th February. Can customers still claim non arrival after such a long period of time without notifying us and what is Amazon’s stance on this.


You can`t leave FB after 90 days so OP has nothing to worry about there.



I don’t think they have a leg to stand on.

They may open a A-Z case which could result in bad feedback and the negativity surrounding it. I would send them a generic answer saying that it has been over 3 months since the purchase date. You have upto 30 days form date of purchase to question defects/non-delivery.



Customers have a maximum of 90 days past the LATEST delivery estimate to file a claim, so around 100 days from the date of the actual order:

They may not be able to leave negative feedback after 90 days, but an AtoZ is much worse, so this is my time limit for offering re-sends or refunds.


I had someone email me more than 2 years on once saying they`d not received it!

Amazon do allow claims past 3 months but in your case I doubt they`d do so. Usually has to be something a bit more than “not turned up”.


There is no actual time limit set on claims for non delivery, you can only really work within known constraints, sellers legally have up to 30 days to supply orders from payment is made, Royal Mail have a limit on accepting claims within 80 days from posting and as mentioned Amazon offer 90 days for A-Z claims, therefore I’m inclined to take the view if you can’t claim from RM for the loss after 80 days then that could be assumed a cut off point as could the 90 days for an A-Z.

Some Couriers I notice publish claims for non delivery must be reported within 28 days from shipping.

Of course if it was of value, buyers could simply do a chargeback via their bank/card provider and likely the only option they would be left with?


I try really hard to be as fair as i possibly can with folk but something like that, unless I sent it recorded, I would simply close their claim

If it took them 5 month to remember it didn’t arrive I’d assume they’re equally capable of forgetting it did arrive.

Sorry, this is one area I’d stand my ground.


Martin, if they had returned it for repair i would have bought a 99p sharpener from the poundshop, sharpened them and sent it with their scissors just to make a point.


Amazon have been known to accept an A-Z claim beyond 90 days. Possibly an uncommon occurrence.


Thank you for your feedback. It may happen on occasions (??) but I do not how a customer would not realise they have not received their order after 5 months. Strange but I feel more confident in responding to them. Thanks again!


They can claim any time they’d like from my experience.

Although not for a loss, I had someone who wanted to claim a refund via an A-Z for faulty scissors after 18 months saying they’d lost their edge faster than they should have done and got all mouthy about the law/fit for purpose/ available for collection after refund etc.

I simply closed it and said if he doesn’t return first there’s no chance of a repair/replacement and definitely no refund. Amazon refused refund. He opened it 6 more times getting more and more aggressive. I did the same again.

The point is, he managed to open it. If I hadn’t been around to close it would Amazon have refunded him? I suspect they would.


I have to agree, I once had an A to Z filed after 48 hours, when I complained this didnt fall within the A-to-Z Claim Time Frames, I was told that Amazon reserved the right to ignore their own rules and allow a claim before the maximum estimated delivery date + 3 days/30 days start point and beyond the 90 day limit at their sole discretion.

Rules is Rules, or not.


+They can claim any time they’d like from my experience.+

I reported this before, but I had a buyer claim non delivery 4.5 years after they ordered, he asked for a replacement saying he could not find the original and could not recall seeing it, so it must never have arrived.

Initially thought this was a joke until I looked up the order number.


That’s your call how you deal with such claims, I never actually expanded on Amazon 90 day A-Z claim, as it’s often reported Amazon can and do open claims outside the limit on buyers behalf if they complain to CS when blocked from opening an A-Z from the order page, so can only really be a guide and sellers should never assume they are safe on A-Z time limits.


I have just received this response from Amazon:

Yet for orders not received a buyer can still file an A to Z Claim for up to 6 months by calling Customer Service. Filing this claim does not necessary mean that they will win the claim of course both sides are taken to account on the matter (but all know how often Amazon takes the side of the customer). So the 3 month policy does not apply to items not received.

Mmmhh!!! not very comforting. I have already contacted the buyer and waiting for a response.


Darn, at one time I would have asked if he wanted a scissor sharpener.
People look at you blankly when you mention such a thing - yet they will buy a knife sharpener for the kitchen!


I have now had a response from the customer and they are now demanding a replacement of refund. This is a grey area. Amazon only offer advice and some of their policies leave you wide open to negative reviews and claims (if found in favour of the customer). Now that I know the customer can STILL put in an A-Z claim after such a long period of time, what do you think. Any suggestions?


Refuse Claim. Amazon will auto-close ( no human involvement needed) after this long.

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