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Hi all!

I was wondering is there’s a way to create coupon codes like on Etsy. I’ve seen that you can create promotions and it applies if the order meets some requirements. Which is very good for seasonal promotions like Black Friday. But I’m more interested in making return buyers by sending a coupon code special for 1st time buyers in order to encourage them to buy again.

For example: Create a coupon discount “THANKYOU” and the recurrent buyer gets a 10% off in the future orders.



Hello Chikai,

This is Sophie from Handmade seller support.

In order make a buyer return with a coupon, you can create a promotion with a Single-use claim code.

To do so, go to Inventory - Manage Promotion

Whether you create a Money Off or a Buy One Get One promotion, the procedure is the same.

Here, I am going to take the example of Money Off

Step 1 Conditions

This step is pretty straight forward, you just have to choose the condition of the promotion.

Because you are using a coupon system, you can choose the same options as above.

You can of course choose a product selection if you don’t want to apply the promotion to the entire catalogue and select an amount off instead of a percent off.

Step 2 Scheduling

This one is even more straight forward, just select when the promotion starts and ends.

Step 2 Additional Options

This is where you are going to choose 1 code for 1 customer, select the option as the image below :

Then Review and Submit the promotion.

Then, when you have an order, you have to go back to Inventory - Manage Promotion - Manage your Promotion

Go to the promotion you wish to issue the code and go to Manage claim codes.

Then, as a group name you can put the name of the buyer or the order number and click on Create.

Once the code is created, click on Download and click on the document to have the promotion code to give to your buyer as a coupon.

Important: Please note that the code is automatically generated so you will have to create a new claim code for every order.

By entering this code, the buyer will have 15% Off in his next purchase. This code can be used 1 time only.

I hope this helped and do not hesitate to [contact us|] if you have more questions.


Thank you for your super helpful message!

Another question, I suppose I can’t generate the code for the orders I had previously, right? Because I go to all your steps but when I go to the last step in “Manage your promotions” it says “0 promotions”. As I understand, I need to wait to receive an order after creating the promotion, but I can’t apply to the previous orders. Am I right?

Thanks anyway for all your help!


Hello Chikai,

Sophie here again.

In your account, you don’t see the promotion because this one is not active yet.

You have to go Inventory- Manage Promotion - Manage Your Promotions. In the drop down menu next to Promotion Status select All and Search.

You will see your pending promotion that will be active in the future.

Then, if you click on the promotion and on Manage claim codes, you will be able to create a single use claim code that you will give to the customer.

The promotion can not be applied to a previous order but to a new order. You can give the code to a former customer but he has to order a new item from your shop in order to benefit the promotion.

Important: The promotion has to be active for the customer to benefit the promotion. In your example, the customer will be able to use the code only from 7pm today.

I hope this help.




Thanks again Sophie!

All clear now!


Hi Chikai,

Lydia here from Handmade Seller Support UK - yes, you are correct - You will only be able to use new orders after the date that the promotion was created.



Dear Sophia. Thank you . It was helpful to understand how to create ONE promo. Is it possible to create one PROMO CODE which would be automatically send to clients who is already purchased product? The same code to all past and future orders? ( in order to not create promo for each order?)

I also would like to understand - how possible to use this code only for clients who already bought. So it should not be visible on the page

Thank you in advance

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