French VAT - making payments


Yes I tried that but it bounced back


No its different the first one Hooray missed off an “e” :grinning:


No luck bounced back on Gmail and yahoo. The universe is against me today.

Are you VAT registered in France?


I am in France this not a VAT email I use as it is for “entreprises etrangers” as in “businesses abroad” such as yourselves.


Oh I see. Do you know if I can get a frnch relative to make the payments for me


Never been asked that before! lol
A rich French relative, that doesn’t want paying back would be preferable! :wink:
I’ll see what I can find out.


Capitalised the email address and not yet bounced back.


:crossed_fingers:t3: x


up until the last 1/4 we filed ourselves and had done for the 4/5 years we have been vat reg there. It is only because it was becoming a pain with the change of BACS to SEPA DD, that I was worried I would miss something else (as I just used to log in file and go… the actual filing once you get used to it is a 2 min job) - and as I had to use a 3rd party for our Spanish VAt reg, I moved it (and the others to them).

I am using Simply VAT, who “touch wood” have been good so far… everything done when they say, and they do answer quickly to queries. (I did contact Avalara first, but was not convinced as they seemed to give me airy fairy answers to my queries, and could not confirm “how much” things would cost / what my contract length would be etc, so I stayed away from them)

I cannot stay on top of the changes in rules for all the different vat reg, so took the option to outsource this bit . - My tradebox imports and puts different tax codes into sage for me, - so it is easy to separate out the countries I need for each vat report.


Which bank so you use for your Sepa B2B payments. I went to barclays and they only offer SEPA B2B for corporate account over 6mil turnover and its only those accounts that can do the SEPA B2B payments.


hiya, well that is odd - as our business bank is Barclays and we are not that turnover level (I wish we were :slight_smile ) - I have just checked on a statement and we have with Barclays 3 accounts

Business Current Account
Business SAvings Account

and… the new one we opened earlier this year just for the SEPA DD -Business Foreign Currency Account (underneath it states Business Euro account)

It was opened quite easily (the SEPA DD took a bit of faff, as only one team in London deals with it, regardless of where you live) but our local branch / account manager sorted all the bumf. - It is easier to go through a local business account manager, to open the account, that literally only took a couple of days, and all the info was sent to me on email, as I already had accounts.

I can then transfer the Euro moneys from World first account (where my Amazon money goes), in just for the French TVA payment. -

This is still cheaper way than getting the Amazon money put straight into Barclays, cutting out WF as for some reason, even though the disbursement comes from Amazon France in €, if I paid it to my Barclays Euro account, it would come in as £ as Barclays is based in England, as that is how the Amazon system works.

So my payments go - Amazon EU to World First (pay the other VAT etc directly, transfer TVA amount to Barclays for the SEPA DD,in € then transfer balance / Surplus to our Barclays Current Account in £ - cheapest way we found (cheaper than exchanging £ Barclays to € Barclays as their exchange rates are a bit naff)

Hope that helps, and you can go back and ask for Business Foreign Currency Account


As I understand it, there are two levels of SEPA accounts that allow direct debits. One is called SEPA core and the other is SEPA B2B. The latter is the one that requires the £6mil turnover.

I am told that the French VAT want you topay via SEPA B2B. The payment via the SEPA Core DD incurs a 60 euro penalty.

I really hope im wrong. So if you know or find out otherwise I would be glad of the heads up.


Aaahhh… I hope not… as this is the only reason I set up this Euro account - my french 1/4 end is this month, so due to pay the TVA next month - will let you know if I get smacked with another fine (we had one in April hence the reason for setting it up - we did not get one last 1/4, even though I sent the bacs from the EURO account rather than DD,- it was all set up our end , but the French did not get their bit in order in time)


It reeks of an extra tax from the French cos they know we don’t have banks to help us


Did you ever sort this out? I’m with HSBC and they don’t seem to support SEPA B2B. Could do with an account that is quick and easy to set up (online if possible!) which supports SEPA B2B

Also, side slightly off topic but someone mentioned it in the thread. When I withdraw Euro payments from Amazon (and USD for that matter of fact) I’m taking them out into a UK account so Amazon does the conversion. What’s the best way to avoid this and get the best rate?


I didnt get anywhere at all with any UK banks. None seems to offer the B2B sepa payment account. Thingimijigs thought his Euro account with Barclays would qualify but I went to a meeting with Barclays and they told me that that account only supported Sepa payments which are the core but NOT b2b Sepa. Im hoping that Thingymijigs can tell me otherwise.

Re the currency you could try an account with World First.


Thanks! So you’re still paying 60 EUR fee each month when you do your return?

EDIT: Looks like Lloyds do it on 0-3m turnover business accounts -


Hi, I’ve spent much of the morning looking into this issue and am not getting very far. With Lloyds you can’t pay a B2B Sepa Direct Debit either (unless you are a relatively large business). Worldfirst can’t do it either. So, it seems the only option left could be to open a bank account in France. Has anyone found a relatively easy way to do this?

French VAT Payment SEPA B2B Any Tips?

hi, sorry I have just seen this - I really don’t understand how I managed to get this set up, and how Barclays are being obstructive for everyone else.

My new statement came through today and the account is called “Business Euro account” ,I have now had a French VAt DD taken from it (we are 1/4 return), and have not been fined (which we were before), so the French Authorities must be accepting this

I had called from this link: - they were not the best tbh. and I had a call logged in for about 3 weeks later, but they told me to contact my own business manager (never knew I had one!). … he called me and when I explained he set it up the account within a few days - setting the DD took about 3 weeks as you have to get the info from French portal add that to Barclays, get info from Barclays and post to France (they would not take it online) - hope that helps

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