Why i got this error:- SKU LS04269, Missing Attributes standard_product_i


Why i got this error i.e SKU LS04269, Missing Attributes standard_product_id. SKU LS04269 does not match any ASIN. Creation of a new ASIN requires the following missing attributes: standard_product_id. Feed ID: 0.

I am an EAN free seller then also why not new ASIN is not assigned by Amazon to my product.

I am creating listing through m2e pro listing, and getting this error.

why, what i missing probably, please, provide solution.

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If you have obtained an EAN exemption you need to indicate in your upload that you are exempt. If you have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry you need to submit the required attribute that you have been advised of. If you do not complete the required field the upload will produce an error as it has in this case.

I have had a look at your account but cannot see an exemption or Brand Registry.
Unless you have obtained one of these you are required to provide an EAN/UPC to create listings for most categories.

I would recommend that you contact us through a case to investigate the matter fully. To contact us directly please click on [Contact Seller Support|https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/contact-us/contact-amazon-form.html/ref=xx_forum_foot_contactus?ie=UTF8&urlStr=%2Fgp]. From the left hand side select Inventory and Feed or upload issues. Please provide a batch or submission ID for the upload you are receiving the error on.



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